15 Episodes

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  • Work It! Legs, Butt, Arms and Back

    Episode 1

    Equipment: Ankle Band, Hand Weights & Glider

    This standing series video is full body and incorporates the leg bands, gliders and hand weights

  • Inner Thighs, Arms, and Butt - Total Body Sculpt

    Episode 2

    All the hard to reach areas are worked in this one video. No bulking only long lean muscles here!

  • Arms - Using your Own Resistance

    Episode 3

    Create your own resistance and work your arms with no equipment necessary!

  • Weighted Arm Sequence

    Episode 4

    Sculpted arms in 5 minutes, this video utilizes the weights to elongate, tone and lean our your arms. Without bulking this workout will tighten up saggy arms.

  • Arm Sequence - No Weights!

    Episode 5

    Long, lean, sculpted arms without the use of weights! This video is a quick and easy arm sequence that utilizes your own resistance. This will help you build long lean muscles in your arms, without bulking!

  • Weighted Arms 360

    Episode 6

    This 360 arm workout will sculpt every angle of your arms for long, lean, toned limbs

  • Mat Work: Arms, Back & Core

    Episode 7

    Your back and core need to be worked too! Use this video to strengthen your back and core while using the mat to support and ground you

  • Toned Arms and Abs - Using Hand Weights

    Episode 8

    Tanktops, croptops, spaghetti straps oh my! Work your arms and abs while standing! This quick easy to follow video will hit those points that are unavoidable come summer. It's the perfect add on to you workout with us, or on your own.

  • Upper Body Burst - No Equipment Needed!

    Episode 9

    Work your arms in a flash! This video is super quick and easy if you are on the go or need a quick add on to a lower body workout!

  • Arms & Abs: Using Hand Weights

    Episode 10

    Tone and sculpt your arms with hand weights

  • Upper Body ADVANCED

    Episode 11

    Strengthen your shoulders and back while toning your arms! This upper body sequence will get you sweating and round out your full body workout. Keep your neck long and abs engaged the whole time!

  • Standing Abs!

    Episode 12

    This core sequence requires no equipment and incorporates the whole upper body. Add this to the beginning of your workout to warm up the abs and stabilizing muscles around the core while toning the arms!

  • Standing Core Sculpt! Sweating for the Wedding! πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 13

    Grab a pair of hand weights and dive into this arm, shoulder, back and core sequence all done from a standing position. Perfect for those who can't do abs on the mat due to injury or for anyone looking to mix up their regular core routine! Move through this dynamic workout with intention and an a...

  • Shoulders, Arms & Back: Upper Body Blast! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 14

    This one will start your week on the right foot! Grab a pair of hand weights and follow Ashley as she guides you through a dynamic upper body blast. Stay soft in your knees to protect your lower back and target your core, shoulders and arms. Having trouble keeping the tension out of your neck? Dr...

  • Weighted Arms: Back, Triceps and Shoulders

    Episode 15

    Work the back, triceps, and shoulders using weights. Be sure to activate your core! By working off our knees you'll be able to stabilize throughout your body, insuring you hit the exact muscles we are looking to target.