29 Episodes

Get that famous modelFIT Booty with these glute-focused sequences

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  • Lifted Legs and Butt - Working off the Mat

    Episode 1

    When we work off the mat we're able to create stability so the isolated muscles can do the heavy lifting. In this video, your arms and core work to create stability so you can isolate smaller, hard to reach muscles in the legs and butt. These movement help to sculpt and tone the whole body, but e...

  • Mat Workout - Legs and Butt

    Episode 2

    Dynamic sequences working off the mat that tighten and tone your butt and legs. Because many of the exercises also require proper balance, you'll also feel your abs and arms working to keep you you stable. When done correctly, this can be a full body workout

  • Legs and Butt - Using Your Own Body Resistance

    Episode 3

    Work your body using your own body weight! Without the use of any equipment, this video will elongate and tone your butt and legs while improving your stability.

  • Work Your Core and Butt on the Mat

    Episode 4

    In this video we target the core - which encompasses the hips, abs and lower back - and the butt. By working off the mat, we can isolate these muscles with the support of the floor. There is no equipment needed for this video, just the utilization of your own body weight and resistance!

  • Tone your Thighs, Lift your Butt on the Mat

    Episode 5

    Having the added support of the mat, in this video you are able to target your inner and outer thighs while elongating and lengthening your legs and toning your butt. You'll be using your core to keep stability while moving, so there's an added toning of the abs and obliques.

  • Butt and Leg Sequence - Ankle and Hand Weights

    Episode 6

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Hand Weights

    This video is a perfect add on to a cardio workout as well as on it's own. Focused on the legs and butt, using the equipment gives a bit more resistance and helps to tap into those hard to reach muscles.

  • Standing Series with Focus on Legs and Butt

    Episode 7

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    This is a great stability and toning video for legs and butt. The Pilates ring acts as a stabilizer and core activator so when done correctly you will get a full body workout. Follow Javi's cues to get the most out of this video.

  • Mat Work: Legs and Butt

    Episode 8

    We're all about legs and butt over here, and this video does not disappoint. Get into those hard to reach angles around your butt and thighs to elongate and tone your backside. Enjoy!

  • Better Butt and Leaner Legs

    Episode 9

    Lift, tone and sculpt your butt while elongating and slimming your legs for a full lower body burn

  • Outer Glutes & Hips ADVANCED

    Episode 10

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    This advanced sequence works the butt, thighs and hips for a lower body burn! Non stop 12 minutes, a must for summer.

  • Butt Sculpting Mat Sequence

    Episode 11

    Working off the matt, work the butt and legs in this dynamic and effective series

  • Outer Glutes on the Mat

    Episode 12

  • Core, Legs and Butt on the Mat

    Episode 13

  • Glute Focused Mat Sequence ADVANCED

    Episode 14

  • Killer Standing Sequence - Legs & Butt

    Episode 15

    Equipment: Ankle Band & Pilates Ring

    This sequence works every angle of the glutes while adding a bit of resistance with the ankle band. Its a great staple for your workout. The pilates ring keeps your arms and core lifted and engaged. Want to take it to the next level? Swap out that pilates r...

  • Legs & Butt Glider Challenge!

    Episode 16

    Get ready to feel the burn! Abbey guide you through this glider sequence that tones your legs and glutes while engaging your core and upper body. Keep your knee over your ankle at all times and push back from your hips to get the most out of this one!

  • Lower Body Burn

    Episode 17

    This sequence challenges your glutes, legs, hips and core for an all-inclusive lower body sculpt session. With or without ankle weights, you're sure to feel the burn with this one. Focus on keeping your weight back and off of your upper body to protect your shoulders and wrists and target the cor...

  • Resistance Work: Hips, Glutes & Inner Thighs

    Episode 18

    Grab your ankle band and get ready to target those inner thighs and outer glutes! This resistance sequence will build stabilizing strength around your hips to help you move with more ease throughout your workouts and your daily life. If your hips are tight, start out with a smaller range of motio...

  • Glider Core & Booty Sequence!

    Episode 19

    Gliders are a favorite of modelFIT Trainers, they guide you to keep very little weight in the moving leg and target the standing leg - they make a typical standing sequence extra challenging. This sequence will tone that standing leg while activating your core. Use a pilates ring or a towel pulle...

  • Targeting the Obliques & Glutes

    Episode 20

    Grab a mat and a pair of ankle weights and get ready to sweat! This dynamic sequence moves through all angles of the outer glute to activate the lower abs and obliques while toning your lower body. Pay close attention to when hips should be opened and closed to get the most out of this one.

  • Resistance Work on the Mat!

    Episode 21

    Tone up the abs, glutes, and thighs with Javi! Activate under-utilized, stabilizing muscles in your glutes and thighs by paying close attention to Javi's cues to open or close your hips. Form is everything! The yellow band adds resistance and increases the intensity but this one is killer with or...

  • Squatting Sequence!

    Episode 22

    Lets get ready to sweat! Get your heart rate up and sculpt your glutes & thighs with this high-intensity squatting sequence led by Abbey! Grab a pilates ring or a hand towel to keep the upper body engaged and activate the core.

  • Glutes & Thighs on FIRE

    Episode 23

    Apologies in advance for how sore you're going to be tomorrow... Javi has turned up the heat on this one by targeting the glutes & inner thighs with relentless toning and sculpting! The balance work in this sequence is essential to activating small, stabilizing muscle groups in the body, allowing...

  • Outer Glutes & Abs Mashup! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 24

    Welcome to our latest series of videos, curated for all the men and women out there who want to feel strong and confident on their wedding day! Join Ashley for this outer glutes & abs mashup sequence to kickstart your fitness goals and work that body! Grab a pair of ankle weights and a pilates ri...