9 Episodes

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  • Low-Impact Cardio!

    Episode 1

    We all need some good cardio in our lives but not all of us love to dance!! Enter Abbey 🙌 She's put together this Cardio Burst that will get your blood pumping, your breath flowing and your body ready for the day or night ahead! No coordination, equipment, or fancy dance moves required. This one ...

  • Dance Cardio with Javi 6.14.18

    Episode 2

    This 40 minute class includes a warm up and a dance cardio routine led by Javi! Join him and other modelFIT babes for a sweat session just like the cardio classes we teach in our studios!

  • Lean Legs Cardio

    Episode 3

  • Cardio with the Ankle Band

    Episode 4

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    Lower body work with the ankle band. Using the bands resistance you elongate, tighten and tone the legs. In just 10 minutes!

  • Sweat it Out! Cardio Sequence

    Episode 5

  • Cardio Sculpt with Javi! 8.2.18

    Episode 6

    Grab your sneakers and a sweat towel, this one is sure to burn. High-intensity, low-impact cardio is the name of the game this time around (ie. no jumping)! Javi leads you through an intense cardio and sculpting sequence for a full body workout in just 30 minutes. Get that in-studio vibe and work...

  • Cardio Sculpt with Javi 8.23.18

    Episode 7

    Javi is back with an incredible cardio sculpt class to get your heart rate up and entire body working, no dance skills required! Grab ankle weights, hand weights and a pilates ring and get ready to sweat! Javi leads the class in a dynamic and fast paced sculpting sequence that moves through multi...

  • Cardio Sculpt with Javi! 11.21.18

    Episode 8

    Just in time for your Turkey Burn! Javi is bringing you an amazing Cardio Sculpt class just like the classes taught in our studios. What better way to start a full day than with a little cardio, a little sweat and a whole lot of fun?! Look at them! They're smiling! How do they do that?! That coul...

  • Cardio Burst

    Episode 9

    Get your body warm with these challenging cardio moves. A combination of jumping moves and fast moving stepping squats keeps your heart rate up throughout this 20 minute sequence. Get ready to sweat!