5 Episodes

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  • Lean Legs Cardio

    Episode 1

  • Cardio with the Ankle Band

    Episode 2

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    Lower body work with the ankle band. Using the bands resistance you elongate, tighten and tone the legs. In just 10 minutes!

  • Sweat it Out! Cardio Sequence

    Episode 3

  • Dance Cardio with Javi 6.14.18

    Episode 4

    This 40 minute class includes a warm up and a dance cardio routine led by Javi! Join him and other modelFIT babes for a sweat session just like the cardio classes we teach in our studios!

  • Cardio Burst

    Episode 5

    Get your body warm with these challenging cardio moves. A combination of jumping moves and fast moving stepping squats keeps your heart rate up throughout this 20 minute sequence. Get ready to sweat!