I only have 10 minutes!

I only have 10 minutes!

56 Episodes

Time isn't on your side? No problem, this collection of videos can be done in 10 minutes or less!

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I only have 10 minutes!
  • Warm up
    Episode 1

    Warm up

    Episode 1

    This video demonstrates our signature dynamic stretch. It will warm up your muscles and stretch you in three planes of motion so you'll feel ready to move and flow in our sequences. Also, great to do if you've been sitting for a long time and need a good standing stretch!

  • Warm Up with Vanessa

    Episode 2

    This warm up is designed to help you check in with your body as you move through all planes of motion. Listening to your body is key to the modelFIT method and it all begins with the warm up!

  • Cool Down
    Episode 3

    Cool Down

    Episode 3

    Post workout it's very important to stretch. Even if you only have a few moments, use this video to give your muscles some relief after working so hard following the videos and toning sequences. Also, use this video if you are feeling tight or tired in anyway.

  • Arms - Using your Own Resistance

    Episode 4

    Create your own resistance and work your arms with no equipment necessary!

  • Killer Upper Abs

    Episode 5

    Love high-waisted jeans and crop tops - this is the video to keep that tummy area slim and tight!

  • Tight Tummy and Lean Legs

    Episode 6

    This workout focuses on your lower abs and legs. Perfect for crop tops and bikini sculpting

  • Abs and Inner Thighs

    Episode 7

    Vanessa guides you through this dynamic core sequence that challenges you to move your legs utilizing the muscles in your abs and inner thighs. All the while, staying out of your hip flexors so you have more mobility and flexibility.

  • Plank Series

    Episode 8

  • Abs and Inner Thighs - No Equipment Needed

    Episode 9

    Equipment: None!

    Working the abs and inner thighs off the mat gives the support so you can focus on working the muscles we intend to target in this video. With the added emphasis on the inner thigh, you work the tricky to tone lower abs! Stay engaged, listen to our cues and get those bikini bo...

  • Arm Sequence - No Weights!

    Episode 10

    Equipment: None!

    Long, lean, sculpted arms without the use of weights! This video is a quick but effective arm sequence that utilizes your own resistance. This will help you build long lean muscles in your arms, without bulking!

  • Weighted Arm Sequence

    Episode 11

    Sculpted arms in 5 minutes, this video utilizes the weights to elongate, tone and lean our your arms. Without bulking this workout will tighten up saggy arms.

  • Inner Thighs ADVANCED

    Episode 12

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Work your inner thighs to sculpted legs. With the added intensity from the ankle weights you'll hit this hard to reach spot!

  • Working the Abs off the Mat

    Episode 13

    This 10 minute ab videos is the perfect focused video if you really want to target the core with no equipment. With the support of the floor beneath you, you can isolate and sculpt your tummy. Look out for those washboard abs to follow!

  • Weighted Arms 360

    Episode 14

    This 360 arm workout will sculpt every angle of your arms for long, lean, toned limbs

  • Dynamic Ab Sequence

    Episode 15

    We all want wash board, lean, defined abs. Here's a video that will give you just that in 8 minuets! With no equipment! Do this video regularly for optimal results.

  • Legs and Core Using the Glider

    Episode 16

    Utilizing balance and stability, the gliders emphasis the elongating muscles in the legs while keeping the core tight.

  • Toned Arms and Abs - Using Hand Weights

    Episode 17

    Tanktops, croptops, spaghetti straps oh my! Work your arms and abs while standing! This quick easy to follow video will hit those points that are unavoidable come summer. It's the perfect add on to you workout with us, or on your own.

  • Cardio with the Ankle Band

    Episode 18

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    Lower body work with the ankle band. Using the bands resistance you elongate, tighten and tone the legs. In just 10 minutes!

  • Warm Up Arms - No Equipment!

    Episode 19

    Equipment: None!

    Get your workout started with this intense arm sequence. No equipment needed to feel the burn on this one! Relax your neck and let your shoulders, back and arms do the work. Keep your arms up and energized throughout!

  • Upper Body Burst - No Equipment Needed!

    Episode 20

    Work your arms in a flash! This video is super quick and easy if you are on the go or need a quick add on to a lower body workout!

  • Plank Series ADVANCED

    Episode 21

    Challenge yourself with this advanced ab series utilizing planks!

  • Lower Abs & Obliques ADVANCED

    Episode 22

  • 5 Minute Abs!

    Episode 23

    Get ready to burn out those abs with this new sequence from Abbey! No equipment needed, just 5 minutes of pure abdominal sculpting. Make this one a regular part of your workout to take your core stabilization to the next level!

  • Killer Standing Sequence - Legs & Butt

    Episode 24

    Equipment: Ankle Band & Pilates Ring

    This sequence works every angle of the glutes while adding a bit of resistance with the ankle band. Its a great staple for your workout. The pilates ring keeps your arms and core lifted and engaged. Want to take it to the next level? Swap out that pilates r...