I only have 10 minutes!

I only have 10 minutes!

53 Episodes

Time isn't on your side? No problem, this collection of videos can be done in 10 minutes or less!

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I only have 10 minutes!
  • Standing Abs!

    Episode 1

    This core sequence requires no equipment and incorporates the whole upper body. Add this to the beginning of your workout to warm up the abs and stabilizing muscles around the core while toning the arms!

  • Standing Stick Challenge

    Episode 2

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Stick

    In this standing sequence Abbey adds an extra challenge by utilizing the stick prop to keep the upper body engaged and open. If you dont have a stick (or a broomstick) handy, a hand towel pulled taut between your hands will do the trick! Keep the core active to...

  • Abbey's Plank Challenge!

    Episode 3

    Equipment: None!

    Get ready to plank for your life! Abbey's Plank Challenge switches up your plank position constantly to keep your core working in new ways while engaging your arms and glutes at the same time! This sequence is perfect for tracking your progress, try it out once every week or s...

  • Glutes & Thighs: Lower Body Stabilization

    Episode 4

    Try out this lower body stabilizing sequence that targets the glutes and thighs. No weights? No problem! This one is a killer with or without equipment. Pay close attention to your form, keep that knee in line with your ankle, and move slowly & mindfully to get the most out of this sequence!

  • Outer Glutes & Abs Mashup! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 5

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Join Ashley for this outer glutes & abs mashup sequence to kickstart your fitness goals and work that body! Grab a pair of ankle weights and a pilates ring to turn up the heat!

  • Standing Core Sculpt! Sweating for the Wedding! πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 6

    Grab a pair of hand weights and dive into this arm, shoulder, back and core sequence all done from a standing position. Perfect for those who can't do abs on the mat due to injury or for anyone looking to mix up their regular core routine! Move through this dynamic workout with intention and an a...

  • Total Thigh Toning

    Episode 7

    Inner thighs, outer thighs, obliques and more! Abbey's latest sculpting sequence utilizes the ankle weights to target and tone your thighs, glutes and (bonus!) obliques. Listen closely as she guides you through challenging body positions to activate small muscle groups in your legs and hips. Move...

  • Glutes & Hamstrings ADVANCED

    Episode 8

    Equipment: Pilates Ring, Ankle Band & Glider

    We know you're just trying to get a booty like Javi's... so grab your advanced ankle resistance bands and get down to business! Turn up your routine with added resistance that fires up the stabilizing muscles in your glutes and thighs. Be mindful as...

  • Shoulders, Arms & Back: Upper Body Blast! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 9

    This one will start your week on the right foot! Grab a pair of hand weights and follow Ashley as she guides you through a dynamic upper body blast. Stay soft in your knees to protect your lower back and target your core, shoulders and arms. Having trouble keeping the tension out of your neck? Dr...

  • Ashley's Core Challenge! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 10

    This sequence is fast and furious, requires little to no equipment and just became your new favorite core workout! Ashley uses the pilates ring three different ways to activate the upper and lower abs in turn and even sneak in a little inner thigh work! She's thoughtful like that ;)

  • Strong Core & Toned Thighs

    Episode 11

    Equipment: Pilates Ring

    Are you ready to feel the burn?! Abbey brings the heat with this intense sequence focused on activating and strengthening the lower abs and the inner thighs. Expansion and contraction through the core paired with resistance and balance work creates one of our toughest c...

  • Ab Burn - No Equipment Needed!

    Episode 12

    This quick ab video requires no equipment! You'll have summer abs in no time

  • Leg & Butt Burn

    Episode 13

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Long, lean and toned! This fired up mat sequence targets your outer glutes and inner thighs with a side of hamstring sculpting! All you need are ankle weights to feel that burn and take your glute routine to the next level. Precision is everything when it comes to good...

  • Upper Body Toning: Shoulders, Arms & Back

    Episode 14

    Equipment: None!

    Work your arms, shoulders and back with this non-stop sequence from Javi! Great for working on posture and strengthening your entire upper body while engaging your core, add this sequence in a few times a week to really see the results. Amazing, chest-opening workout perfect f...

  • Abs on FIRE!

    Episode 15

    Equipment: None!

    We all could do with a little extra core work after a long weekend of food, family and fun! Get back in the swing of things with this core sequence from Abbey with bonus moves to activate your inner thighs and bum! No equipment required, just good form and focus. Get your hear...

  • Building Strength in the Inner Thighs

    Episode 16

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Strength in the inner thighs is foundational to so many modelFIT classes and sequences. Now, the perfect video to build that strength, learn how to engage properly and maintain good form as you tackle our trainers' toughest thigh toning moves! Grab a pair of ankle weig...

  • Perfect Your Form! Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders

    Episode 17

    Equipment: Hand Weights

    Javi brought a friend to this toning session! modelFIT NYC Manager, Amanda, joins in for some focused upper body toning. This sequence is perfect for building strength in the upper back and shoulders while burning out the biceps and triceps. Get all the tips and adjustm...

  • Fired Up Abs!

    Episode 18

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    This is a quick but intense core sequence perfect for anyone who struggles to keep the burn out of their neck and hip flexors during ab workouts. Along with small focused movements targeting the lower abs, Abbey utilizes the ankle resistance band for an added inner and ou...

  • Total Core Challenge

    Episode 19

    Equipment: None!

    This core challenge is the perfect, quick workout for anyone on the go. No equipment required to feel the fire in this sequence! Listen closely for Abbey's cues throughout, some of these moves utilize momentum but many of them are slow and focused. You'll need to tap into that...

  • Arms, Abs, Thighs & Glutes

    Episode 20

    Equipment: Hand Weights

    This one has it all! Ashley leads you through an intense, full-body mat sequence that can be done with little to no equipment. Toning from head to toe, this sequence challenges you to engage your core as you move through all the planes of motion and target the arms, abs...

  • Arms & Abs Sculpting with Julie!

    Episode 21

    Equipment: None!

    No equipment required, Julie uses only her body resistance in this sequence to fire up her biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back AND core! Phew! There's a lot packed into this video! Start your workout here and you'll feel energized, warm and ready to take on the rest of your...

  • Killer Core & Inner Thigh Toning

    Episode 22

    Equipment: None! Or Ankle Weights, Hand Weights & Pilates Ring

    Ashley is bringing you a dynamic, customizable core and inner thigh toning sequence perfect to add onto your workout every day! Are you up for the challenge? First, she'll show you these moves without equipment, focused on moving w...

  • Dynamic Lower Body Sculpting

    Episode 23

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Fire up the lower body, outer glutes and core with this dynamic mat sequence. Alignment and form are absolutely crucial to feeling the burn in this sequence. Pay close attention as Javi explains how to position your body for these moves. Keep your hip in line with the ...

  • Javi's Plank Challenge

    Episode 24

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    Add a little heat to your week with this brand new plank challenge from Javi! He's added a band for a little extra resistance as you move through these plank variations. Don't let those quads or shoulders take over when your core gets fatigued. Take a breather, then reeng...