Perfect for Beginners ✨

Perfect for Beginners ✨

We've assembled our best collection for those who are new to the workout, new to the platform, or just beginning on their fitness journey. This series will help you tap into the method with easy to follow videos and sequencing.

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Perfect for Beginners ✨
  • Warm up

    This video demonstrates our signature dynamic stretch. It will warm up your muscles and stretch you in three planes of motion so you'll feel ready to move and flow in our sequences. Also, great to do if you've been sitting for a long time and need a good standing stretch!

  • Arms - Using your Own Resistance

    Create your own resistance and work your arms with no equipment necessary!

  • Lean Legs Cardio

  • Tight Tummy and Lean Legs

    This workout focuses on your lower abs and legs. Perfect for crop tops and bikini sculpting

  • Cool Down

    Post workout it's very important to stretch. Even if you only have a few moments, use this video to give your muscles some relief after working so hard following the videos and toning sequences. Also, use this video if you are feeling tight or tired in anyway.