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  • Warm up
    Episode 1

    Warm up

    Episode 1

    This video demonstrates our signature dynamic stretch. It will warm up your muscles and stretch you in three planes of motion so you'll feel ready to move and flow in our sequences. Also, great to do if you've been sitting for a long time and need a good standing stretch!

  • Cool Down
    Episode 2

    Cool Down

    Episode 2

    Post workout it's very important to stretch. Even if you only have a few moments, use this video to give your muscles some relief after working so hard following the videos and toning sequences. Also, use this video if you are feeling tight or tired in anyway.

  • Tight Tummy and Lean Legs

    Episode 1

    This workout focuses on your lower abs and legs. Perfect for crop tops and bikini sculpting

  • Killer Upper Abs

    Episode 1

    Love high-waisted jeans and crop tops - this is the video to keep that tummy area slim and tight!

  • Legs and Butt - Using Your Own Body Resistance

    Episode 1

    Work your body using your own body weight! Without the use of any equipment, this video will elongate and tone your butt and legs while improving your stability.

  • Work Your Core and Butt on the Mat

    Episode 2

    In this video we target the core - which encompasses the hips, abs and lower back - and the butt. By working off the mat, we can isolate these muscles with the support of the floor. There is no equipment needed for this video, just the utilization of your own body weight and resistance!

  • Plank Series

    Episode 3

  • Working the Abs off the Mat

    Episode 5

    This 10 minute ab videos is the perfect focused video if you really want to target the core with no equipment. With the support of the floor beneath you, you can isolate and sculpt your tummy. Look out for those washboard abs to follow!

  • Dynamic Ab Sequence

    Episode 2

    We all want wash board, lean, defined abs. Here's a video that will give you just that in 8 minuets! With no equipment! Do this video regularly for optimal results.

  • Arms - Using your Own Resistance

    Episode 1

    Create your own resistance and work your arms with no equipment necessary!

  • Arm Sequence - No Weights!

    Episode 3

    Long, lean, sculpted arms without the use of weights! This video is a quick and easy arm sequence that utilizes your own resistance. This will help you build long lean muscles in your arms, without bulking!

  • Cardio Burst

    Episode 1

    Get your body warm with these challenging cardio moves. A combination of jumping moves and fast moving stepping squats keeps your heart rate up throughout this 20 minute sequence. Get ready to sweat!

  • Abs and Inner Thighs - No Equipment Needed

    Episode 4

    Working the abs and inner thighs off the mat gives the support so you can focus on working the muscles we intend to target in this video. With the added emphasis on the inner thigh, you work the tricky to tone lower abs! Stay engaged, listen to our ques and get those bikini body abs you've been w...

  • Work Your Core! No Equipment Needed


    Working off the mat, this video will focus on the core. The core encompasses your hips, abs, pelvis and the area around the lower spine. By strengthening this part of the body we can work from a more fluid and stable place, so when we isolate the arms, legs or butt we can balance and achieve the ...

  • Warm Up with Vanessa

    Episode 2

    This warm up is designed to help you check in with your body as you move through all planes of motion. Listening to your body is key to the modelFIT method and it all begins with the warm up!

  • Ab Burn - No Equipment Needed!

    Episode 4

    This quick ab video requires no equipment! You'll have summer abs in no time

  • Warm Up Arms - No Equipment!

    Episode 13

  • Butt Sculpting Mat Sequence

    Episode 3

    Working off the matt, work the butt and legs in this dynamic and effective series

  • 5 Minute Abs!

    Episode 11

  • Standing Abs!

    Episode 7

  • Abbey's Plank Challenge!

    Episode 2

    Get ready to plank for your life! Abbey's Plank Challenge switches up your plank position constantly to keep your core working in new ways while engaging your arms and glutes at the same time! This sequence is perfect for tracking your progress, try it out once every week or so and see how much e...

  • Upper Body Burst - No Equipment Needed!

    Episode 6

    Work your arms in a flash! This video is super quick and easy if you are on the go or need a quick add on to a lower body workout!