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  • Weighted Arms 360

    Episode 1

    This 360 arm workout will sculpt every angle of your arms for long, lean, toned limbs

  • Weighted Arm Sequence

    Episode 2

    Sculpted arms in 5 minutes, this video utilizes the weights to elongate, tone and lean our your arms. Without bulking this workout will tighten up saggy arms.

  • Inner Thighs, Arms, and Butt - Total Body Sculpt

    Episode 3

    All the hard to reach areas are worked in this one video. No bulking only long lean muscles here!

  • Arms & Abs: Using Hand Weights

    Episode 4

    Tone and sculpt your arms with hand weights

  • Toned Arms and Abs - Using Hand Weights

    Episode 5

    Tanktops, croptops, spaghetti straps oh my! Work your arms and abs while standing! This quick easy to follow video will hit those points that are unavoidable come summer. It's the perfect add on to you workout with us, or on your own.

  • Full Body Burn

    Episode 6

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Hand Weights

    Challenge yourself with this 17 minute full body workout! Feel the burn as you sculpt and tone from head to toe

  • Lean Legs Using the Gliders

    Episode 7

    Equipment: Hand Weights & Glider

    Elongating and contracting the muscle allows for the greatest range of motion. With the gliders we can built strength and balance while working the smallest muscles to build long lean muscle.

  • Butt and Leg Sequence - Ankle and Hand Weights

    Episode 8

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Hand Weights

    This video is a perfect add on to a cardio workout as well as on it's own. Focused on the legs and butt, using the equipment gives a bit more resistance and helps to tap into those hard to reach muscles.

  • Lower Abs & Obliques ADVANCED

    Episode 9

  • Full Body Sculpting ADVANCED

    Episode 10

    Equipment: Hand Weight, Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

  • Upper Body ADVANCED

    Episode 11

    Strengthen your shoulders and back while toning your arms! This upper body sequence will get you sweating and round out your full body workout. Keep your neck long and abs engaged the whole time!

  • Legs & Butt Glider Challenge!

    Episode 12

    Get ready to feel the burn! Abbey guide you through this glider sequence that tones your legs and glutes while engaging your core and upper body. Keep your knee over your ankle at all times and push back from your hips to get the most out of this one!

  • Resistance Work: Hips, Glutes & Inner Thighs

    Episode 13

    Grab your ankle band and get ready to target those inner thighs and outer glutes! This resistance sequence will build stabilizing strength around your hips to help you move with more ease throughout your workouts and your daily life. If your hips are tight, start out with a smaller range of motio...

  • Glutes & Thighs: Lower Body Stabilization

    Episode 14

    Try out this lower body stabilizing sequence that targets the glutes and thighs. No weights? No problem! This one is a killer with or without equipment. Pay close attention to your form, keep that knee in line with your ankle, and move slowly & mindfully to get the most out of this sequence!

  • Standing Core Sculpt! Sweating for the Wedding! πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 15

    Grab a pair of hand weights and dive into this arm, shoulder, back and core sequence all done from a standing position. Perfect for those who can't do abs on the mat due to injury or for anyone looking to mix up their regular core routine! Move through this dynamic workout with intention and an a...

  • Shoulders, Arms & Back: Upper Body Blast! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 16

    This one will start your week on the right foot! Grab a pair of hand weights and follow Ashley as she guides you through a dynamic upper body blast. Stay soft in your knees to protect your lower back and target your core, shoulders and arms. Having trouble keeping the tension out of your neck? Dr...

  • Arms, Abs, Thighs & Glutes

    Episode 17

  • Dynamic Full Body Sculpt!

    Episode 18

    As the weather cools off, its important to keep your muscles warm! Grab your equipment and let Abbey lead you through this dynamic, multi-planed, full body sculpting sequence. Getting the obliques, inner thighs, glutes, arms, shoulders and back involved in every move, this sequence is designed to...

  • Glide & Tone!

    Episode 19

    The glider is an incredible tool for firing up stabilizing muscles and in this video, Abbey guides you through a full body gliding sequence that will activate your glutes, inner thighs, abs and even engage the upper body! Pace yourself at the beginning because the heat turns up quickly on this on...

  • Full Body Rotation & Balance

    Episode 20

    A full body sculpting sequence to energize the upper body and fire up the lower body! Rotation and balance work targets your core and keeps it activated through your entire workout. This sequence is made for all levels, just add or subtract equipment to suit your needs and your strength level. St...

  • Total Body Toning: Hitting Every Angle

    Episode 21

    Kick off your week with this full body sculpting sequence with Abbey! This one is all about feeling your hips open and close and staying engaged through the glutes and abs as you do! The perfect full body sequence, Abbey is sure to work all angles while recentering your body so you'll feel stretc...

  • Perfect Your Form! Biceps, Triceps & Shoulders

    Episode 22

  • Standing Sculpt with the Foam Roller

    Episode 23

  • Killer Core & Inner Thigh Toning

    Episode 24