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  • Inner Thighs ADVANCED

    Episode 1

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Work your inner thighs to sculpted legs. With the added intensity from the ankle weights you'll hit this hard to reach spot!

  • Mat Workout - Legs and Butt

    Episode 2

    Dynamic sequences working off the mat that tighten and tone your butt and legs. Because many of the exercises also require proper balance, you'll also feel your abs and arms working to keep you you stable. When done correctly, this can be a full body workout

  • Abs and Inner Thighs

    Episode 3

    Vanessa guides you through this dynamic core sequence that challenges you to move your legs utilizing the muscles in your abs and inner thighs. All the while, staying out of your hip flexors so you have more mobility and flexibility.

  • Better Butt and Leaner Legs

    Episode 4

    Lift, tone and sculpt your butt while elongating and slimming your legs for a full lower body burn

  • Standing Inner Thigh Series

    Episode 5

    We know, the inner thighs is an elusive, hard to reach area that seems impossible to work...until now! This dynamic standing series uses ankle weights, balance and stability to get into this 'trouble zone.' Doing this series regularly, you'll smooth and tone to svelte, long lean legs.

  • Lifted Legs and Butt - Working off the Mat

    Episode 6

    When we work off the mat we're able to create stability so the isolated muscles can do the heavy lifting. In this video, your arms and core work to create stability so you can isolate smaller, hard to reach muscles in the legs and butt. These movement help to sculpt and tone the whole body, but e...

  • Toning the Glutes on the Mat

    Episode 7

    Lifted, tones and shapely. The booty gets all the attention in this video where we utilize specific isolated exercises to target and tone your backside!

  • Butt and Leg Sequence - Ankle and Hand Weights

    Episode 8

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Hand Weights

    This video is a perfect add on to a cardio workout as well as on it's own. Focused on the legs and butt, using the equipment gives a bit more resistance and helps to tap into those hard to reach muscles.

  • Full Body Burn

    Episode 9

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Hand Weights

    Challenge yourself with this 17 minute full body workout! Feel the burn as you sculpt and tone from head to toe

  • Supported Legs and Abs

    Episode 10

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Elongate and activate your abs and legs while your back is fully supported by the mat.

  • Standing Series with Focus on Legs and Butt

    Episode 11

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    This is a great stability and toning video for legs and butt. The Pilates ring acts as a stabilizer and core activator so when done correctly you will get a full body workout. Follow Javi's cues to get the most out of this video.

  • Lengthen and Strengthen: Inner Thighs, Core and Butt

    Episode 12

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Using Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring, create integrated strength working your inner thighs, core, and butt together! This dynamic workout will build a strong and grounded center, and help to create balance and increase stability.

  • Outer Glutes & Hips ADVANCED

    Episode 13

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    This advanced sequence works the butt, thighs and hips for a lower body burn! Non stop 12 minutes, a must for summer.

  • Mat Work: Legs and Butt

    Episode 14

    We're all about legs and butt over here, and this video does not disappoint. Get into those hard to reach angles around your butt and thighs to elongate and tone your backside. Enjoy!

  • modelFIT Basics

    Episode 15

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Back to basics! Use this video to return to the essentials of why we move the way we move.

  • Full Body Standing Workout

    Episode 16

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Using the Pilates ring and ankle weights this video will utilize different planes of motion to activate and strengthen small muscles throughout your body. This standing workout also exercises your stability and balance.

  • Outer Glutes on the Mat

    Episode 17

  • Core, Legs and Butt on the Mat

    Episode 18

  • Full Body Sculpting ADVANCED

    Episode 19

    Equipment: Hand Weight, Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

  • Glute Focused Mat Sequence ADVANCED

    Episode 20

  • Core & Inner Thigh Mashup Sequence

    Episode 21

    Equipment: Ankle Weights

    Target your core and inner thighs with this mashup sequence! This one is SUPER challenging so try it first with no equipment then add in ankle weights when you need to level it up! Your head is lifted off the mat for most of this sequence but if you feel tension creepi...

  • Legs & Butt Glider Challenge!

    Episode 22

    Get ready to feel the burn! Abbey guide you through this glider sequence that tones your legs and glutes while engaging your core and upper body. Keep your knee over your ankle at all times and push back from your hips to get the most out of this one!

  • Full Body Sculpting

    Episode 23

    Equipment: Pilates Ring and Ankle Bands

    All together now! This full body sculpting workout hits all the nooks and crannies to tone and firm up your body. Perfect time saver for getting in a quick and efficient full body workout in less than 30 minutes!

  • Standing Stick Challenge

    Episode 24

    In this standing sequence Abbey adds an extra challenge by utilizing the stick prop to keep the upper body engaged and open. If you dont have a stick (or a broomstick) handy, a hand towel pulled taut between your hands will do the trick! Keep the core active to maintain the connection between the...