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Full Body Sculpting

Sort By Equipment, Season 3, Episode 23 – 24m

Up Next in Ankle Weights

  • Standing Stick Challenge

    In this standing sequence Abbey adds an extra challenge by utilizing the stick prop to keep the upper body engaged and open. If you dont have a stick (or a broomstick) handy, a hand towel pulled taut between your hands will do the trick! Keep the core active to maintain the connection between the...

  • Targeting the Obliques & Glutes

    Grab a mat and a pair of ankle weights and get ready to sweat! This dynamic sequence moves through all angles of the outer glute to activate the lower abs and obliques while toning your lower body. Pay close attention to when hips should be opened and closed to get the most out of this one.

  • Full Body on the Mat!

    All you need is a pair of ankle weights and a mat for this full body sequence! You'll move through every angle and activate stabilizing muscles all over the body. Look out for Javi's suggested advancements and modifications to tailor this workout to your fitness level!