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  • Lean Legs Cardio

    Episode 1

  • Tone your Thighs, Lift your Butt on the Mat

    Episode 2

    Having the added support of the mat, in this video you are able to target your inner and outer thighs while elongating and lengthening your legs and toning your butt. You'll be using your core to keep stability while moving, so there's an added toning of the abs and obliques.

  • Cardio with the Ankle Band

    Episode 3

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    Lower body work with the ankle band. Using the bands resistance you elongate, tighten and tone the legs. In just 10 minutes!

  • Legs for Days

    Episode 4

    Equipment: Ankle Band & Pilates Ring

    360 leg sculpting, toning and slimming. This video will get you runway ready!

  • Elongating Standing Leg Series

    Episode 5

    Equipment: Ankle Band & Pilates Ring

    The small movements are often what makes the biggest difference! This video puts an emphasis on using proper form and alignment while increasing the band's resistance so your muscles are constantly working.

  • Work It! Legs, Butt, Arms and Back

    Episode 6

    Equipment: Ankle Band, Hand Weights & Glider

    This standing series video is full body and incorporates the leg bands, gliders and hand weights

  • Lower Body Sculpting

    Episode 7

    Equipment: Ankle Band, Pilates Ring & Glider

    Sculpt and tighten the lower body using the leg bands, gliders, and Pilates ring. Keep tension and move mindfully if you decide to do this video with no equipment.

  • Hips & Legs using the Ankle Band

    Episode 8

    This standing series uses the ankle band to tone the sides of the legs and stabilize the hips

  • Killer Standing Sequence - Legs & Butt

    Episode 9

    Equipment: Ankle Band & Pilates Ring

    This sequence works every angle of the glutes while adding a bit of resistance with the ankle band. Its a great staple for your workout. The pilates ring keeps your arms and core lifted and engaged. Want to take it to the next level? Swap out that pilates r...

  • Full Body Sculpting

    Episode 10

    Equipment: Pilates Ring and Ankle Bands

    All together now! This full body sculpting workout hits all the nooks and crannies to tone and firm up your body. Perfect time saver for getting in a quick and efficient full body workout in less than 30 minutes!

  • Resistance Work: Hips, Glutes & Inner Thighs

    Episode 11

    Grab your ankle band and get ready to target those inner thighs and outer glutes! This resistance sequence will build stabilizing strength around your hips to help you move with more ease throughout your workouts and your daily life. If your hips are tight, start out with a smaller range of motio...

  • Full Body Resistance Challenge

    Episode 12

    Equipment: Pilates Ring & Ankle Band

    Pulling out all the stops, this sequence works every angle utilizing the ankle band. Add this sequence to your workout if you're looking to strengthen your hips and glutes and move with more ease! No pilates ring? No problem, grab a hand towel and keep it p...

  • Resistance Work on the Mat!

    Episode 13

    Tone up the abs, glutes, and thighs with Javi! Activate under-utilized, stabilizing muscles in your glutes and thighs by paying close attention to Javi's cues to open or close your hips. Form is everything! The yellow band adds resistance and increases the intensity but this one is killer with or...

  • Glutes & Thighs on FIRE

    Episode 14

    Apologies in advance for how sore you're going to be tomorrow... Javi has turned up the heat on this one by targeting the glutes & inner thighs with relentless toning and sculpting! The balance work in this sequence is essential to activating small, stabilizing muscle groups in the body, allowing...

  • Inner Thigh Resistance ADVANCED

    Episode 15

    One more for the advanced babes out there! Javi's not fooling around with this one. The inner thigh burn is insane!! The advanced ankle band fires up the inner thighs like nothing else! Keep the upper body engaged by grabbing a pilates ring and paying close attention to Javi's cues. The diagonal ...

  • Glider Core & Booty Sequence!

    Episode 16

    Gliders are a favorite of modelFIT Trainers, they guide you to keep very little weight in the moving leg and target the standing leg - they make a typical standing sequence extra challenging. This sequence will tone that standing leg while activating your core. Use a pilates ring or a towel pulle...

  • Full Body Rotation & Balance

    Episode 17

    A full body sculpting sequence to energize the upper body and fire up the lower body! Rotation and balance work targets your core and keeps it activated through your entire workout. This sequence is made for all levels, just add or subtract equipment to suit your needs and your strength level. St...

  • Full Body Connection: Rotation & Balance

    Episode 18

    Javi is breaking down the standing sequence from his next class! The ankle band will fire up your inner thighs and add extra resistance to the outer glute moves. The pilates ring activates the chest, shoulders and back and helps keep your core connected throughout the sequence! Full of dynamic mo...

  • Fired Up Abs!

    Episode 19

  • Resistance Challenge ADVANCED

    Episode 20

  • Total Body Toning! Plank Variations

    Episode 21

  • Glutes & Hamstrings ADVANCED

    Episode 22

    We know you're just trying to get a booty like Javi's... so grab your advanced ankle resistance bands and get down to business! Turn up your routine with added resistance that fires up the stabilizing muscles in your glutes and thighs. Be mindful as you move through this sequence and take note of...