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  • Lean Legs Using the Gliders

    Episode 1

    Equipment: Hand Weights & Glider

    Elongating and contracting the muscle allows for the greatest range of motion. With the gliders we can built strength and balance while working the smallest muscles to build long lean muscle.

  • Legs and Core Using the Glider

    Episode 2

    Utilizing balance and stability, the gliders emphasis the elongating muscles in the legs while keeping the core tight.

  • Work It! Legs, Butt, Arms and Back

    Episode 3

    Equipment: Ankle Band, Hand Weights & Glider

    This standing series video is full body and incorporates the leg bands, gliders and hand weights

  • Plank Series ADVANCED

    Episode 4

    Challenge yourself with this advanced ab series utilizing planks!

  • Legs & Butt Glider Challenge!

    Episode 5

    Get ready to feel the burn! Abbey guide you through this glider sequence that tones your legs and glutes while engaging your core and upper body. Keep your knee over your ankle at all times and push back from your hips to get the most out of this one!

  • Glider Core & Booty Sequence!

    Episode 6

    Gliders are a favorite of modelFIT Trainers, they guide you to keep very little weight in the moving leg and target the standing leg - they make a typical standing sequence extra challenging. This sequence will tone that standing leg while activating your core. Use a pilates ring or a towel pulle...

  • Glutes & Hamstrings ADVANCED

    Episode 7

    We know you're just trying to get a booty like Javi's... so grab your advanced ankle resistance bands and get down to business! Turn up your routine with added resistance that fires up the stabilizing muscles in your glutes and thighs. Be mindful as you move through this sequence and take note of...

  • Glide & Tone!

    Episode 8

    The glider is an incredible tool for firing up stabilizing muscles and in this video, Abbey guides you through a full body gliding sequence that will activate your glutes, inner thighs, abs and even engage the upper body! Pace yourself at the beginning because the heat turns up quickly on this on...

  • Glider Sculpt!

    Episode 9

    Equipment: Glider & Hand Weights

    Abbey is sliding into your week with this insane glider sequence that will tone your legs and butt while activating your abs and upper body! Gliders are a great way to practice smooth and controlled motion through multiple planes. Abbey tackles every angle in t...

  • Lower Body Sculpting

    Episode 10

    Equipment: Ankle Band, Pilates Ring & Glider

    Sculpt and tighten the lower body using the leg bands, gliders, and Pilates ring. Keep tension and move mindfully if you decide to do this video with no equipment.