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Arms - Using your Own Resistance

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  • Standing Sculpt with the Foam Roller

    We're bringing the foam roller to our standing sequence this time to help us turn up the heat on our controlled leg lifts! The foam roller provides a physical obstacle to get your leg up and over, keeping you honest with every rep. Don't have a foam roller at home? No problem! A large water bottl...

  • Obliques & Thighs: Using the Stick!

    Did you miss the stick? We thought you might! This time, Javi is using the ankle band to fire up your inner thighs and challenge your outer glutes. The stick engages the arms, shoulders and upper back and helps you to target the obliques in this sequence! No bamboo stick at home? Grab a broom or ...

  • Full Body Sculpting

    Equipment: Pilates Ring and Ankle Bands

    All together now! This full body sculpting workout hits all the nooks and crannies to tone and firm up your body. Perfect time saver for getting in a quick and efficient full body workout in less than 30 minutes!