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Upper Body Burst - No Equipment Needed!

Sort By Equipment – 3m 13s

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  • Abs and Inner Thighs

    Vanessa guides you through this dynamic core sequence that challenges you to move your legs utilizing the muscles in your abs and inner thighs. All the while, staying out of your hip flexors so you have more mobility and flexibility.

  • Arms & Abs Sculpting with Julie!

    No equipment required, Julie uses only her body resistance in this sequence to fire up her biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper back AND core! Phew! There's a lot packed into this video! Start your workout here and you'll feel energized, warm and ready to take on the rest of your toning session.

  • Supported Legs and Abs

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Elongate and activate your abs and legs while your back is fully supported by the mat.