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Total Thigh Toning

Sort By Equipment – 13m

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  • Outer Glutes & Thighs on the Mat!

    This one is all about angles so listen closely to Abbey's cues and take note of how much movement you're able to achieve through your hips! Feel the burn while learning and exploring the way your body moves!

    πŸ‘ Mindful movement = Efficient & Effective burn! πŸ‘

  • Dynamic Full Body Sculpt!

    As the weather cools off, its important to keep your muscles warm! Grab your equipment and let Abbey lead you through this dynamic, multi-planed, full body sculpting sequence. Getting the obliques, inner thighs, glutes, arms, shoulders and back involved in every move, this sequence is designed to...

  • Leg & Butt Burn

    Long, lean and toned! This fired up mat sequence targets your outer glutes and inner thighs with a side of hamstring sculpting! All you need are ankle weights to feel that burn and take your glute routine to the next level. Precision is everything when it comes to good form. Listen closely to Abb...

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