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Killer Upper Abs

Sort By Equipment – 6m 16s

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  • Lower Abs, Obliques & Booty!

    Equipment: Ankle Band

    This resistance challenge seems like its all about that booty burn but, oh man, are your abs in for a surprise... Every move in this sequence starts from the core to remind you how a strong center is essential to building sustainable strength in the rest of your body! Pay...

  • Extension & Balance: Using the Stick!

    Equipment: Stick, Hand Weight & Ankle Weights

    Using the stick for added balance, you can lunge deeper and find more extension in the upper body. A light weight in the opposite hand helps to activate your arms and abs and provides a little counter support as you flow through. As always, use wha...

  • Glutes & Thighs: Lower Body Stabiliza...

    Try out this lower body stabilizing sequence that targets the glutes and thighs. No weights? No problem! This one is a killer with or without equipment. Pay close attention to your form, keep that knee in line with your ankle, and move slowly & mindfully to get the most out of this sequence!