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Weighted Arms 360

Sort By Equipment – 8m 57s

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  • Sculpting with The Foam Roller

    We love stretching with our foam roller (so important for recovery) but the foam roller is also a great visual tool to guide the body as you move and help you maintain perfect form in this mat sequence. Abbey utilizes the foam roller here as an obstacle to get the leg up and over, firing up the o...

  • Sculpting the Inner Thighs

    The ultimate sculpting video for inner thighs. Essential before bikini season! Sculpt and lean out the tough to reach area of the inner thigh. Enjoy :)

  • Obliques & Thighs: Using the Stick!

    Did you miss the stick? We thought you might! This time, Javi is using the ankle band to fire up your inner thighs and challenge your outer glutes. The stick engages the arms, shoulders and upper back and helps you to target the obliques in this sequence! No bamboo stick at home? Grab a broom or ...

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