3 Seasons

The Program is a curated collection of 3 class-length playlists to alternate throughout the week! Curated by our head trainer, Javi, these class playlists help you make the most of your modelFIT Online Subscription. The Program is updated twice a month. Work for two weeks on perfecting your form and just when you're getting comfortable, we'll switch it up with a whole new Program! Never stop making progress πŸ’ͺ

Equipment: Ankle & Hand Weights, Ankle Band, Pilates Ring, Glider

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  • Warm up
    Episode 1

    Warm up

    Episode 1

    This video demonstrates our signature dynamic stretch. It will warm up your muscles and stretch you in three planes of motion so you'll feel ready to move and flow in our sequences. Also, great to do if you've been sitting for a long time and need a good standing stretch!

  • Inner Thighs, Arms, and Butt - Total Body Sculpt

    Episode 2

    All the hard to reach areas are worked in this one video. No bulking only long lean muscles here!

  • Weighted Arms: Back, Triceps and Shoulders

    Episode 3

    Work the back, triceps, and shoulders using weights. Be sure to activate your core! By working off our knees you'll be able to stabilize throughout your body, insuring you hit the exact muscles we are looking to target.

  • Mat Work: Legs and Butt

    Episode 4

    We're all about legs and butt over here, and this video does not disappoint. Get into those hard to reach angles around your butt and thighs to elongate and tone your backside. Enjoy!

  • Plank Series ADVANCED

    Episode 5

    Challenge yourself with this advanced ab series utilizing planks!

  • Cool Down
    Episode 6

    Cool Down

    Episode 6

    Post workout it's very important to stretch. Even if you only have a few moments, use this video to give your muscles some relief after working so hard following the videos and toning sequences. Also, use this video if you are feeling tight or tired in anyway.