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Warm up

THE PROGRAM, Season 1, Episode 1 – 5m 31s

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  • Perfect Your Form! Biceps, Triceps & ...

    Javi brought a friend to this toning session! modelFIT NYC Manager, Amanda, joins in for some focused upper body toning. This sequence is perfect for building strength in the upper back and shoulders while burning out the biceps and triceps. Get all the tips and adjustments Javi would make in a p...

  • Sculpt & Flow: Toning the Lower Body

    Are you up for the challenge? This intense butt toning sequence engages your core and upper body in each move, making it a very sneaky full body workout that you can finish in under 20 minutes and feel amazing if not like your legs are made of jelly. But you’re going to thank Abbey in the end! Sh...

  • Tight Core & Lifted Booty! ADVANCED

    This mat sequence is dynamic, rotational, relentless and the best thing to happen to your booty this week. Add in some ankle weights, if you dare, to intensely target in the outer glutes and even turn up the heat on your core. This sequence is designed to challenge even the most advanced modelFIT...