3 Seasons

The Program is a curated collection of 3 class-length playlists to alternate throughout the week! Curated by our head trainer, Javi, these class playlists help you make the most of your modelFIT Online Subscription. The Program is updated twice a month. Work for two weeks on perfecting your form and just when you're getting comfortable, we'll switch it up with a whole new Program! Never stop making progress πŸ’ͺ

Equipment: Ankle & Hand Weights, Ankle Band, Pilates Ring, Glider

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  • Warm up
    Episode 1

    Warm up

    Episode 1

    This video demonstrates our signature dynamic stretch. It will warm up your muscles and stretch you in three planes of motion so you'll feel ready to move and flow in our sequences. Also, great to do if you've been sitting for a long time and need a good standing stretch!

  • Shoulders, Arms & Back: Upper Body Blast! Sweating for the Wedding πŸ‘°πŸΎ

    Episode 2

    This one will start your week on the right foot! Grab a pair of hand weights and follow Ashley as she guides you through a dynamic upper body blast. Stay soft in your knees to protect your lower back and target your core, shoulders and arms. Having trouble keeping the tension out of your neck? Dr...

  • Extension & Balance Using the Stick

    Episode 3

  • Squatting Sequence!

    Episode 4

    Lets get ready to sweat! Get your heart rate up and sculpt your glutes & thighs with this high-intensity squatting sequence led by Abbey! Grab a pilates ring or a hand towel to keep the upper body engaged and activate the core.

  • Killer Core & Inner Thigh Toning

    Episode 5

  • Cool Off & Cool Down!

    Episode 6

    It seems like the weather wont be cooling down any time soon but that doesnt mean you shouldn't! Proper stretching and rest are integral to maximizing results, gaining sustainable strength and preventing injury. Mix up your routine with this brand new cool down sequence from Abbey. Listen to your...