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Warm up

THE PROGRAM – 5m 31s


  • Sculpt Class with Abbey 10.2.18

    We have a fresh new Sculpt class waiting for you! Strap on those ankle weights and get ready for some standing balance work, outer glute mat work and killer abs to finish. Abbey guides you through this energizing full-length class with words of wisdom and shouts of encouragement! You're sure to f...

  • Warm up

    This video demonstrates our signature dynamic stretch. It will warm up your muscles and stretch you in three planes of motion so you'll feel ready to move and flow in our sequences. Also, great to do if you've been sitting for a long time and need a good standing stretch!

  • Standing Abs, Arms & Glutes

    Abbey is back with an amazing standing sequence that targets all your major muscle groups in new and engaging ways! Grab your pilates ring for an added arm, shoulder and chest burn as you make your way through this standing sequence. The ankle weights challenge your balance (hello, strong core!) ...