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Arms & Abs: Using Hand Weights

THE PROGRAM – 7m 56s


  • Lunges & Squats: Lower Body Strength

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Its all about that lower body stability and mobility today, babes! Abbey takes you through this lunging and squatting (and sometimes lunge-squatting 😋) sequence to strengthen the lower body and work on moving with ease through the hips and butt. She's th...

  • Full Body Balance Work!

    Equipment: Ankle Weights & Pilates Ring

    Abbey delivers once again! Today she's bringing you head to toe sculpting in one short and sweet (but far from easy) video! Balance work is incredible for toning small stabilizing muscles all over the body so don't be afraid of the shake! Finding your ba...

  • Standing Abs with the Medicine Ball

    Equipment: Medicine Ball & Ankle Weights

    We know you babes love a good standing abs sequence! That's why Abbey created this amazing medicine ball sculpting sequence that will strengthen your entire core and has some bonus toning in store for your booty, legs and upper body! Abbey starts by exp...