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Weighted Arms: Back, Triceps and Shoulders



  • Legs & Butt Glider Challenge!

    Get ready to feel the burn! Abbey guide you through this glider sequence that tones your legs and glutes while engaging your core and upper body. Keep your knee over your ankle at all times and push back from your hips to get the most out of this one!

  • Outer Glutes & Thighs on the Mat!

    This one is all about angles so listen closely to Abbey's cues and take note of how much movement you're able to achieve through your hips! Feel the burn while learning and exploring the way your body moves!

    πŸ‘ Mindful movement = Efficient & Effective burn! πŸ‘

  • Sculpt Class with Abbey! 10.2.18

    We have a fresh new Sculpt class waiting for you! Strap on those ankle weights and get ready for some standing balance work, outer glute mat work and killer abs to finish. Abbey guides you through this energizing full-length class with words of wisdom and shouts of encouragement! You're sure to f...